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Control Panels

Product Description

Samudra’s control panels are high performance panels exclusively designed for surface or borewell / borehole /deepwell pumping applications . The panels are used to power the borewell or any electric motors . Control Panels play a crucial role in the pumping system as it has to ensure the perfect operation of the motor. Motor’s Performance and lifetime merely depend upon the control panel, so the proper sizing of panels are very important for the successful operation of the system. In Samudra we take at most care for the panel starting from the component selection till the installation. Proper type of control panel / starting method according to the Phase and power of the motors are very vital. our panels serves all the roles of the ideal panels like controlling, protecting & monitoring. our standard panels are provided with mandatory protection features and any additional features can be adopted against the requirements.
As standard supply we can give up to 250 HP panels and above that against requirements.


To Control, Protect & Monitor the electric motors


  • high-quality Components
  • Precise Operation
  • Complete Range
  • All types of Control Panels
  • Protections:
    • Low Voltage
    • High Voltage
    • Under Load
    • Over Load
    • Phase Reversal
    • Phase Failure
    • Optional Features:
      • Lighting Arrestor
      • PT Sensor
    • Note: Any special features against the requirement can be done

Technical Specification

Versions 1 Phase 230 V, 50 Hz, AC Supply
3 Phase 380 – 415 V, 50 Hz, AC Supply
Capacity 1 phase 0.37 – 2.2 kW
3 Phase 0.37 – 185 kW
Types of Starting 1 Phase – CSCR (0.37 – 2.2 kW)
3 Phase – DOL (0.37 – 93 kW)
3 Phase – SD (7.5 – 93 kW)
Degree of protection IP 55 / IP 54
Type of Outer cover Mild Steel / Stainless Steel / Plastic


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