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  • Of course, we manufacture Pumps, Motors & related accessories applicable to almost all the countries. 
  • For pump ends, yes, but the Hydraulic parameters like Head, Discharge & Power will vary according to Affinity Laws [versus its speed]. Regarding submersible motors same motor can be used both in 50Hz & 60Hz, but the applied voltage would vary. So, you shall contact our technical team for assistance.
  • Yes, for the short-term, but at least a 30-degree inclination is strongly recommended in the long run.

  • Yes, we have, we can supply 60Hz products in – 110V, 230V, 380 V & 460V
  • Each type has its own merits. Specifically, oil-filled motors are economical compared to water-cooled types but limited to the installation of a maximum of 150 mtr also the standard size is 4″ up to 10HP. Whereas water-filled motors can be built to any HPs up to 300Hp as standard supply.
  • Motors are a critical part of the submersible pumping system. Their operation/ lifetime depends on many factors like the selection of pumps, duty point at which the system is operated, proper type of motors, correct sizing of control panels, protection features of control panel etc. Water temperature and minimum cooling flow are also very important factors to be considered.
  • As standard, all our distributors are provided with sufficient spares & tools. Also, we train our distributor’s technical team to the core. In many countries replacement warranty also be the instant solution under warranty period against production faults
  • Generally, the product warranty is at par with the practice of the market.
  • Generally, the product warranty is at par with the practice of the market.
  • Samudra pump manufacturing facilities are located in the city called “Coimbatore” in the southern part of India. We can call this city as “Pumps City of India” since it is the biggest city for manufacturing pumps & related accessories in India.
  • We know seldom Quality & Cost go together. But our optimized approach in the process control and strong supply chain, supports in giving you quality products at a reasonable price. Also, as we look for Long-Term relationships rather than few times of sale. So, we can surely support our importers to compete in the market.

  • Yes. Our executive travels in your country and can support you in all aspects like Employee/dealers training, brand building, market visits etc. Also, we do exhibition/trade fair support, promotional material support and any genuine supports required by our channel partners.
  • We are okay with all legal & Transparent transactions like TT/LC etc
  • Generally, our pumps & motors can be safely operated up to 40 Deg C. More than that we can supply high-temperature pumps & motors those can be operated to the maximum temp of 70 Deg C
  • We supply solar pumping systems, Hydro-pneumatic pumping systems & Domestic pressure boosting systems.